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Common Violations in U.S. Toy Safety Requirements and Mandatory Standards. Check out the latest prerecorded podcast episode of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission for manufacturers, product developers, and designers. Specific topics in this episode will include common violations in U.S. toy safety requirements and mandatory standards. The podcast discuss relevant requirements for CPSC's age-grading method, small parts requirements for children under 3 years of age, toys and games' labeling requirements for children 3 years of age and above, Labeling of Hazardous Art Materials Act (LHAMA), important lead and phthalate requirements, and ASTM F963-17 Mandatory Standards, among other topics.

美国玩具安全要求和强制性标准以及常见违规。欢迎您收看美国消费品安全委员会为生产商,产品开发商以及设计师制作的最新一集录音播客。这一集播客讲述美国玩具安全要求和强制性标准以及常见违规,相关规定内容涵盖CPSC年龄界定方法,三岁以下儿童使用的玩具小部件要求,三岁和三岁以上儿童使用的玩具和游戏产品的标签要求,危险美术材料品标签法 (LHAMA),ASTM F963-17 儿童玩具强制标准以及其它规定。

Most reputable organizations in the manufacture and retail distribution chain work hard to get product safety right. We hope your organization will consider passing on this information to and encouraging professionals with whom you are associated to review the material. The FREE prerecorded podcast can be downloaded anytime at user convenience and includes a special English and Chinese slide deck, and Chinese narration. We invite you to check it out: (AmCham South China). If you wish to be added to notices of podcast releases, as they become available, please contact Ms. Wing Xian, wxian@amcham-southchina.org with a cc to CPSCinChina@cpsc.gov.

制造,零售和分销等环节的大多数有良好声誉的组织为生产安全产品而努力。我们期望你们机构将这一信息传达给与你们共事的专业人士。您可以免费随时收看我们的录音播客,并随时下载包括英文版本和带叙述的中文版本Powerpoint幻灯片。我们欢迎您在此点击收看:(华南美国商会网站). 如果您希望收到我们今后的播客出版预告,可以将您的联系信息电邮给Wing Xian女士,电邮地址wxian@amcham-southchina.org,并抄送CPSCinChina@cpsc.gov.