• Danna Wang王丹 (CSO首席市场官 at Allianz Partners安联世合)

    Danna Wang王丹

    CSO首席市场官 at Allianz Partners安联世合

    Danna is CSO in Allianz Partners, which is the top global assistance company in the world. She serves various global companies in the global assistance area, including the biggest Chinese communication technology company who has presence in more than 100 countries.
    She has been in the Risk Management and insurance industry for more than twenty years, garnering experience in the different roles, such as managing director/ branch manager in different global companies.
    She holds a Master Degree in Massey University NZ and ANZIIF certificate.


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  • Cheng Rui程蕊 (Operation Director服务运营总监 of Allianz Partners安联世合)

    Cheng Rui程蕊

    Operation Director服务运营总监 of Allianz Partners安联世合

    Ms. Cheng Rui is currently the operation director of Allianz world medical rescue service, responsible for the overall rescue operation service coordination.

    Ms. Cheng Rui has more than 20 years of experience in the field of global rescue and holds a master of Business Administration degree from the University of Newcastle, Australia. In her career, she has handled tens of thousands of global rescue cases, including major rescue during the tsunami in Southeast Asia, SARS and the current new Covid pandemic.


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  • Raymond Wu巫雨农 (Underwriting Manager核保经理 at JD Allianz京东安联财产保险公司)

    Raymond Wu巫雨农

    Underwriting Manager核保经理 at JD Allianz京东安联财产保险公司

    Raymond is the underwriting manager in Allianz JD, responsible for risk assessment and product development etc. He is experienced in providing insurance solutions for Chinese companies’ overseas risk and has served series of state-owned and large private company.

    He has been in insurance industry for more than 10 years and garnering experience from different global company. He graduated from Sun Yat-sen University with major in Risk Management & Insurance and also holds a Master Degree of MBA in Sun Yat-sen.


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