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May 10 - 12, 2023 GMT+8

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贵州地理位置优越,交通便利, 拥有良好的公路、铁路、航空和水运交通,是连接中西部的重要枢纽城市。贵阳龙洞堡国际机场已经开通了数十个国际航线和国内航线,成为了西南地区的航空中心。贵州还是"一带一路"重要节点城市之一,通过高速公路、铁路和航空等交通方式,可以轻松到达中国的其他城市和国际市场。



贵州也是天文观测的绝佳地点,有着世界著名的"中国天眼"——FAST(Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Telescope)。FAST是世界最大的单口径射电望远镜,能够监测到遥远的星系和黑洞,对于天文学和天体物理学的研究有着重要的贡献。


We cordially invite you to join the South China American Chamber of Commerce delegation and explore Guizhou, a province in southwestern China that is a pearl of rich natural resources, unique culture, and great potential for development.

Guizhou boasts a superior geographic location and convenient transportation, with good road, rail, air, and water transportation networks that make it an important hub connecting central and western China. The Guiyang Longdongbao International Airport has opened dozens of international and domestic routes, becoming a major aviation center in the southwest region. Guizhou is also an important node city of the "Belt and Road" initiative, easily accessible through highways, railways, and air transportation to other cities in China and international markets.

Guizhou has advantages in the development of big data centers, medical, automobile manufacturing, and modern service industries. The construction of Guizhou Big Data Industry Park is a national strategy and has become one of the important big data centers in China, attracting numerous domestic and foreign companies to settle in.

Guizhou's independent brand passenger and commercial vehicles have stable sales and continuous technological innovation in the domestic market. The medical industry chain in Guizhou is complete, with continuous improvement in the capability and level of medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, hospitals, and medical services. The modern service industry in Guizhou is also expanding, including finance, logistics, tourism, and other fields, becoming a new highlight of Guizhou's economic development.

Guizhou has broad development prospects in the field of new energy and new materials. It is one of China's important hydroelectric power bases, with abundant hydro resources. At the same time, Guizhou is also actively promoting the development and utilization of new energy such as solar and wind power, vigorously developing the new energy industry. In the field of new materials, Guizhou has extensive research and development and production capabilities, such as carbon fiber, photovoltaic materials, and other new materials that have important applications in aviation, automobiles, rail transportation, and other fields.

Guizhou is also an excellent location for astronomical observation, with the world-renowned "China Sky Eye" - the Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Telescope (FAST). FAST is the world's largest single-aperture radio telescope, capable of monitoring distant galaxies and black holes, making important contributions to the study of astronomy and astrophysics.

We look forward to seeing you in Guizhou this May!