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1. The new situation and characteristics of global carbon market development in the context of relevant international conventions such as the United Nations Convention on Climate Change, the Kyoto Protocol, and the Paris Agreement.

2. Comprehensively introduce the domestic legislation and policy on Carbon Emissions, including The National Measures for the Administration of Carbon Emission Trading (Trial), Interim Regulations on the Administration of Carbon Emission Trading (Revised Draft), Carbon Emission Trading Management Rules, Guidelines for Enterprises Greenhouse Gas Verification (Draft for comments).

3. Legal compliance practices and cases related to domestic carbon emission market and carbon asset management: for example, carbon emission rights

4. In-depth interpretation of the impact of the latest policies and practices on carbon emissions and carbon trading on carbon asset management and green development strategies of AmCham member companies, as well as suggestions on compliance responses.





4. 深度解读碳排放及碳交易最新政策和实践对包括美商会会员企业的碳资产管理和绿色发展战略的影响及合规应对建议。

The ultimate objective of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change is to stabilize greenhouse gas concentrations at an appropriate level. As a party to the Convention, China has a concrete plan for its commitment to climate change objective and aims to have CO2 emissions peak before 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality before 2060. In 2021, China established the National carbon emission trading system (ETS), being the largest emission trading market in the world.


In this seminar, Henry Hou and Shifang Guo, partners from the Global Law Office from the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, the Kyoto protocol, and a series of international conventions related to carbon emissions prospects, to introduce a series of laws and regulations and policies in China to achieve carbon peak and carbon neutral. The seminar will also introduce the historical evolution of the global carbon emissions system, including the carbon emission registration system, trading system, settlement system, etc.

At the same time, the seminar will also introduce the practice of building a national carbon emission trading system in China and related legal issues. It further analysis the influence of these systems and practices on the operation and development strategies of domestic and foreign enterprises, including AmCham member enterprises, as well as the suggestions on compliance response, to provide references for AmCham member enterprises in carbon compliance management and green development strategy formulation under the dual carbon background.



  • Henry Hou (Partner at Global Law Office)

    Henry Hou

    Partner at Global Law Office

    Practice Areas
    Henry Hou's main practice areas are international banking and financing, cross-border investment and mergers and acquisitions, private equity investment, fund investment, and cross-board dispute resolution.
    In the field of international banking and financing, Henry Hou provides professional legal services for many Chinese and foreign banks in connection with export credit, project financing, M&A loans, syndicated loans, trade financing and general banking services. The clients that have been served and are serving include Agricultural Bank of China, Bank of Communications, Ping'an Bank, and ABN AMRO, etc. Representative projects include "a well-known domestic bank providing an export credit loan with an approximate amount of US$150 million to a well-known domestic telecom operator for its export of telecommunications products to Mexico," and "Ping'an Bank (Shenzhen branch) providing cross-border commercial loan with an approximate amount of US$200 millions in relation to a commercial real estate project located in California developed by the US subsidiary of a large domestic real estate group," etc.

    In the field of cross-border investment and M&A, Henry Hou, as the leading counsel, provides legal services for many multinational companies, overseas listed companies as well as large state-owned enterprises, domestic listed companies and private in connection with their domestic greenfield investment and M&A projects, and overseas investment projects in North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa and many other countries and regions.
    In the field of private equity investment and fund investment, Henry Hou provides professional legal services for a number of domestic and foreign companies (such as "Japan Zhonghe Products Co., Ltd. and Hong Kong asset management companies) in connection with their establishment of QFLP and QDIE in Shenzhen."
    Henry Hou also provides legal services on the cross-border dispute resolution related to the contract disputes and product quality.
    Work Experience
    Henry Hou joins Global Law Office in July 2021, and previously worked with domestic leading law firms (Shenzhen branch) for more than 13 years.
    2020- MBA in Finance, at The Chinese University of Hong Kong
    2002-2006 Bachelor of law, at Fudan University
    Associations and Memberships
    Member of the Leading Talent Pool of Foreign-related Lawyers in Guangdong Province Member of the Foreign-related Legal Professional Committee of Shenzhen Lawyers Association Member of the Law and Policy Committee of the American Chamber of Commerce in South China
    International Consultant of the State Level Kunming Economic and Technological Development Zone International Commercial Arbitration Service Center
    Chinese, English

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  • Shifang Guo| (Partner at Global Law Office)

    Shifang Guo|

    Partner at Global Law Office

    Practice Areas
    Shifang Guo is a partner of Global Law Office based in Shenzhen and Beijing. She specializes in M&A, capital markets, and investment fund.

    Ms. Guo is well-versed in cross-border investment, mergers and acquisitions. Her exceptional projects include Chem China's 43-billion acquisition of Syngenta, A+H-share listed company Jiangxi Copper's acquisition of Canadian listed company First Quantum shares, CMET consortium' joint acquisition of Turkey infrastructure project, A-share listed company Tongding Group's acquisition of NASDAQ listed company UTStarcom, Guangdong Electronics Information Industry Group Ltd.'s acquisition of A-share listed company Foshan Lighting shares from OSRAM, Zoomlion' acquisition of Gregoire-Besson GmbH agricultural machinery assets from Germany, King's Beads and a German local partner's establishment of German joint venture King 'Beads Europe GmbH, disposition of PRC assets by German auto parts company Schweizer Group International GmbH, Xiamen Tungsten's acquisition of German metal powder processing enterprise HC Stark.

    Ms. Guo's experiences in capital market transactions include IPO of Zhilian Zhaopin, AsiaInfo, Sogou, Vision China, Xueda Education, Huayu Expressways, Technovator Technology, Midas Aluminum, Xinchen Power, Molbase, Lvji Technology, Wanka, Ambow Education, RCG Holdings and O-net on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, NASDAQ and New York Stock Exchange, and RK Properties and CR Land's bond issuance on the capital markets of Hong Kong and Singapore.
    Ms. Guo also has extensive experience in fund formation. She has accommodated numerous clients in constructing or investing in RMB and USD funds both locally and abroad, which include SSF's investment in Hillhouse Tiancheng RMB Fund II, CITIC Capital's formation of hospital M&A fund, Jiangxi Copper Cooperation's formation of Cayman USD fund. The fund investment projects directed by Ms. Guo include Primavera Capital Group's investment in Cainiao of Alibaba, CAFIC's investment in Foton's Hong Kong joint venture project, Macquarie's investment in Zhilian Zhaopin, and Samsung's VC investment in Montage Technology.

    Work Experience
    Ms. Shifang Guo joined Global Law Office in 2008. Ms. Guo also worked with a leading international law firm for a few years.

    PRC and New York

    2018 ALB (Asian Legal Business) China Top 15 Female Lawyers
    2019 LEGALBAND Rising Star in Investment Fund
    2019 - 2020 The Legal 500 Recommended in Corporate and M&A

    North-western University, Pritzker School of Law
    University of International Business and Economics, Law School

    Mandarin; Hakka; English

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