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August 2nd, 2023



Registration & Networking 签到及交流: 2:30PM-3:00 PM

Release 发布会: 3:00PM-4:00 PM


B1 Theatre, Grand Tea Mall, Xingang East Road No. 1066, Haizhu District, Guangzhou


Language/语言: English only without interpretation 英语(不提供同传)

Free of Charge

AmCham Members ONLY

Foreign Consulate Reps and Chinese Government Officials ONLY

Limited Seats, First Come First Served


  • Within the six months after the change in the Zero Covid Policy, what success did companies achieve and what challenges are they facing?
  • 疫情防控政策变动后的六个月内,企业在华发展取得了哪些成功,又面临着哪些挑战?

  • China's second-quarter GDP has been released recently. What trends and signals does the mid-year data convey?
  • 2023年二季度经济数据新鲜出炉,中期数据传递了哪些趋势与信号?

  • After China' reopening, how can companies make development plans in advance to avoid risks and enhance resilience?
  • 疫情放开后,企业如何提前做好发展规划,规避风险,提升韧性?

AmCham South China sincerely invites you to attend the release conference of the 2023 Mid-Year Report on Impact of COVID Policy Change, and listen to the detailed analysis of the economic environment in South China and the operation of member enterprises in China by industry experts.




The 2023 Mid-Year Report is a quantitative study of decisions made by businesses impacting various aspects including revenues, business operations, reinvestment plans, and business environment, within the six months after the change in the "Zero-COVID" policy. AmCham's member and non-member companies participated in AmCham's State of Business study, results of which were garnered and edited into a separate publication. This report provides constructive suggestions for enterprises in terms of future development strategy and investment layout in the post-pandemic era.




Join officials of foreign consulates in South China, Chinese officials, academic elites, and representatives of multinational companies, and register now!




Dr. Harley Seyedin

President at AmCham South China


广州, 广东省, China

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