What is a Texas Scramble?

This article is accredited to Mr. Tim Shaver

The term "Texas Scramble" over the years has really become the name for all types of Scrambles, but is there an actual difference between a regular Scramble and a Texas Scramble?

The answer is YES….and it's actually a large difference that requires strategy in not only playing your round but also in putting your team together.

In any scramble all players will tee off from their appropriate tee box and select the best drive with all players dropping a ball and playing from that same location and repeating the process until the ball is holed. The significant difference in a proper Texas Scramble is that a minimum drive requirement is added to the equation. A regular Scramble does not have a minimum drive requirement so if a team has a very strong driver of the ball and perhaps a weak driver that happens to be a good putter they can be extremely competitive as the format allows each player to play to their strengths and hide their weaknesses.

This disappears in a pure Texas Scramble where the team is required to use a minimum for four drives from each player. This simple requirement completely changes to team focus from always playing the best shot to picking spots in which to utilize each player's best drive. Typically, teams will have an A, B, C & D player with the A player generally the team's best driver and overall player. In the Texas Scramble the challenge is to get the C & D players drives out of the way early in the round in order to play the best shot more often later in the round and avoid putting undue pressure on the weakest player to have to produce great shots as the team begins to run out of options and the pressure to perform grows.

Selecting the team is also a strategic exercise with the choices of having a divergent group of talents that do different things better with a wider range of handicaps, OR to have all four players of a similar skill set and handicap range in order to reduce risk. Both paths are great as it really all depends on who plays the best on that particular day as compared to their handicap.

Our past Amcham Events have been labeled as a "Texas Scramble", but due to the wide range of handicaps they have actually been a regular Scramble…...perhaps its time to actually have a Texas Scramble and let's see what happens. We are looking forward to a great series of upcoming Amcham Events. Please register now to secure your great day of friendship and fun. 

Assembling Your Texas Scramble Team and Playing Strategies

This article is accredited to Mr. Tim Shaver

The most important two elements in a good scramble team is a good-to-excellent team member with the driver, some accurate players and of course filling your team with good putters.


Within a Texas Scramble format, you can gamble with having a long but erratic driver as long as your other team members are fairly accurate off the tee.  One great option is a lower handicapped lady golfer that also gets the advantage of playing from the red or forward tees. This can result in a tremendous advantage as most courses open up from the forward tees for the ladies. 


The order in which you play is also important. Personally, I prefer to set an order and stay within that order for each type of shot that maximizes each team member's strengths. An example is to have your straightest driver to tee off first to get a ball into play and let the other players swing more freely as a result of the first player's safe shot. It's perfectly acceptable to have a different order based on your team's strengths and weaknesses for each of the different types of shots from driving, second shots and chip shots. Having your second best player in each category go first to hit a good shot relieves the pressure on each subsequent shot and then having your best player in each category play last when they are free to relax in hit their best shot is a winning strategy.


In putting however it is probably best to have your worst putter to go first and to help establish the line, with your second best putter going 2nd, with your best putter nearly always going last. It is always interesting how many more putts your D player holes going first when there is no pressure on them as well as how well your "A" putter performs when called on to save the day.  Whatever rotation you decide on, it is also important to stay in the same rotation throughout the round.


Finally, the most important aspect of putting your team together is to select team members in which you can have FUN. Good shots and confidence comes from having team members that are friends and there is nothing better than a Texas Scramble team that is greater than the sum of its parts allowing you to play aggressively and with confidence. As legendary Hall of Fame golfer, Ben Hogan once said after being congratulated on recording a birdie on his first hole in a professional event, "If you don't birdie the first hole, than you can't birdie them all".


Have Fun!

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